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 3 steps to discovering your angel’s love

Be Happy ~ Live Freely ~ Love Fully

In this free 3 Video Series 

You will discover my methods to directly connect with your angels to gain insight, guidance, and answers PLUS:

  • the number one thing you must do before you can begin moving forward on this journey

  • how to build a better awareness your angels are near

  • how to begin to connect with your angels.

  • create a greater sense of understanding 

  • how to gain a new found perspective of life

  • How to begin to live a life of freedom, abundance, and happiness

In the first video, you will Discover the number one thing you must do before you can begin moving forward on this journey. This is the one thing that is holding you back. Not allowing you to step into your true calling, your true purpose, your authentic you. You think you may have already done this but chances are there is another situation in your life that may need this more.

In Video #2 You will see the next step you have to have in order to build a better relationship with yourself, others and your angel team.

Your angels are always near and will step in if needed. Why not invite them to work with you every day? Asking them for guidance, strength, courage, or whatever it is you are needing is your right. Trusting in them to carry you through.  

This next step in the process increases your connection with spirit. it raises your vibration to new heights. It even has the ability to move mountains! 


This one step is for anyone who is in search of something new

something different

a sense of connection to yourself

or the will to co-create your very own angel team.

All you know is that it is time to stand up and show up for yourself.

It is through the love of my angels and the joy of living a life of abundance (and I’m not talking monetary abundance) that I have been inspired to write the books that have changed my life in amazing ways. I give to you the information they have channeled through me so that I can guide you to live as your authentic self, connect with your inner self, higher self and connect with your angels in the process!

It is up to you to do the work for our angels will only guide us in the direction of our greater good and never give us direct answers! Happiness is a choice and a choice anyone can make at any moment no matter the circumstance. If you want to learn to grow you will have to get up and go! It will no be handed to you on a silver platter. For even the richest of people in this world do not find true happiness through their money. Find joy in your day for it is for everyone!

Join me on this amazing journey we call life and see how connecting with this magical energy we instill can shift your life to new heights!

Love, light and many blessings,

Michelle Irene

Discovering your Angels Love Introduction