7 Day Challenge: A Journey to A New You!



As we travel thru life we collect many experiences: Good bad and indifferent.  These experiences can harness our souls and make it difficult to connect with who we really are.  


In 7 days-- (that's one week) I will guide you through the process of clearing away the muck!

The 'stuff' you no longer need so that you can begin 2017 a new YOU!


By connecting with your inner self, you can better connect with your higher self !  To live a life of purpose and abundance!


If you are trying to connect with spirit

the link can be created quicker and easier!


Begin this process and work at your own pace.  All sessions will be sent thru email with your special link to be viewed anytime! 

I want you to begin to unwrap the secrets of who you truly are. 


It's up to YOU


Enhance your life today, you're just one click away!

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link and password will show up in your inbox within 24 hours. 

Here's what some of the students had to say about the 7 Day Challenge -- Journey to a New You:


Today I'm learning how to be that positive person I never knew I had in my inner self. Thank you Michelle! You have an awesome series. I hope to continue to work on more different ones! ~Josie


and this:


I enjoy these very much, honestly I try to live like this every day. My thing is feeling grateful and voicing it whenever possible. It really really makes a difference in life, every day. I have noticed I feel different in the past year or more. It's helping my abilities along too. Focusing on them and the awesome classes you started❤~Gwenn


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