7 Day Challenge: A Journey to A New You!

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Find a comfortable spot and click play to begin!












  • How was your experience?

  • How do you feel?

  • What did you see?

While everything is fresh in your memory take notes on your experience. Try to recall the things you sensed. Write down every last detail you can remember. If you can't recollect everything or anything that's OK. It is normal. You more than likely will remember details as time goes by. This is not a test for school but a mental measurement to see how you will perceive things when you begin to realize they are messages from your higher self and spirit. You have to better understand your personal gifts and learn to listen to your intuition. That's how you will know when your they are calling you, to guide, guard and protect.  You can do this meditation over and over again. It's not a one time deal. Every time you do it, it will be different! Different setting, different door, different visitors! Date your notes each time. Use them to refer back to and see the changes you have made. Plus the growth that has taken place!


Continue on your path of  spirtual growth don't stop here, you've come so far.  All of the exercises can be completed over and over again.  Especially when you feel yourself fall into the same old patterns. There is so much more out there to explore!


AS a free offering of this class I would really love to here your thoughts.  

I hope you have enjoyed this journey, a journey to a new you.  

Thank you for being a part of this course!