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Michelle Irene Stupski, the visionary founder and owner of Michelle Irene LLC - Spiritual on Purpose, is a luminous presence in the realms of life coaching, mindset coaching, and spiritual personal development. With an illustrious journey spanning over nine years, Michelle has passionately dedicated herself to empowering individuals, especially women, to lead purposeful lives, rise above anxiety, and shatter the shackles of limiting beliefs.

At the core of Michelle's transformative mission lies her pioneering SOULUTION ACTIVATION Technique. This groundbreaking four-step process seamlessly weaves together channeled messages, daily journaling, and sacred spiritual practices, serving as a beacon guiding individuals, particularly women, to manifest resounding success in every facet of their existence.

Michelle's wisdom is disseminated through her authored works, oracle and inspirational card decks, immersive online courses, thought-provoking programs, and engaging live events. Her global audience, predominantly composed of women, is touched by her wisdom, boundless compassion, and unwavering authenticity.

Michelle's overarching mission is to lead women on the path to self-discovery, gratitude, resilience, and the nurturing of profound relationships while helping them overcome anxiety and demolish limiting beliefs. Her teachings serve as a wellspring of personal growth, igniting the flame of transformation and equilibrium, setting in motion a ripple effect of positive change across the world. Her profound guidance empowers women to craft a life of purpose, propelled by their innermost desires, and steered by a sacred spiritual practice.

In her relentless pursuit of excellence, Michelle remains at the vanguard of the life coaching, mindset coaching, and spiritual personal development industry. Her engagement with social media is a pivotal facet of her marketing strategy, fostering connections with women clients and nurturing a supportive global community. She consistently collaborates with industry luminaries, participates in illuminating webinars, conferences, and events, ensuring her knowledge remains cutting-edge.

For Michelle, success is not a mere accumulation of external accolades; it's the deep-seated satisfaction derived from helping women and individuals of all backgrounds reach their aspirations, conquer anxiety, and shatter limiting beliefs, metamorphosing their lives. Through her work, she aspires to paint a world suffused with joy, purpose, and fulfillment, awakening latent potential and nurturing spiritual growth in women and individuals across the globe.

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