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Before I share the Free E-Book filled with a tip a day on ways to better connect for a happier way of living.  I have something really incredible I want to show you first. 

It's a library filled with tools and techniques to tap into not only your angel's love but to nurture the relationship with your soul. 

They truly go hand in hand as you connect with your light your connection to your angel team magnifies. 

It is a sacred space to come together any day you need it most. Use it every day as part of your practice for support, healing, and rejuvenating your soul's light anytime.


If you are not ready to fully to take flight I totally get it.


It can be a bit uncomfortable to take those first steps.


I just wanted to share with you the possibilities.

And when you are ready I will be here for you. 


So will this opportunity. Align to FLY is a continuous space of learning and growing and you can join in at any time and get all the material for download. PLUS Keep it forever! 

Creating a practice of your own understanding is crucial & beneficial to your well-being. Maintaining that practice can sometimes be difficult as Align allows you the opportunity to step back into that sacred space.

Your free download is below but there is one more thing I want to share with you through this new platform of enlightenment:

An opportunity for you to refill your light, take time for yourself, & step back into your practice so you are ready to go back out and save the world.


No matter where you are in your practice or life it's an opportunity to dance with the harmony of your soul and feel the power of working with light energy.


What YOU will receive:

~Continuous learning & Access to all ALIGN content

~Each month a new Mantra Message

~One monthly Soul Light Group Meetup LIVE through ZOOM hosted by Michelle & other special guests

~One new monthly Meditation

~Journal Prompt Suggestions for healing & discovery

~Angelic Guidance and Healing Techniques

~New Archangel focus each month

~New oracle spreads

~Meditate in a sacred light circle of trust

~Practice spiritual techniques

~Manifest your dreams to reality

~Remain in the energy of receiving

~Maintain a steady courageous flow of light energy for the greatest year ever to kick ass in 2022...

You can also join this program via the new mobile app for on-the-go consistency! 

Still not worries. Think about the possibilities of leading a soul led life will allow for you to reach your greatest potential. 


For now enjoy the Free EBook>

Love and Blessings,


Thirty Happy Lifestyle Lessons
One a day to bring more joy your way.

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Get your Download Here

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