"Angel's Love The Journal"


"Angel's Love The Journal" was inspired by the book "Angel's Love" by Michelle Irene.


A year in the making and we are ready to roll! 


Get Ready for Divine Connection and discover the Power of Free Writing!


A great way to connect with your higher self and spirit. Free writing creates a higher energy vibration for deeper understanding and messages to come through. You will be guided by writing prompts on many pages to encourage your thinking and understanding your support. 


Meant to be used together as a teaching tool with the book "Angel's Love" but has the ability to stand on its own for growth and discovery.


Inside "Angel's Love the Journal" you'll find an array of pictures, colors and inspiration to guide you along with recorded meditations and inspirational words to assist you through the journey. 


Take your journey a step further and integrate this amazing journal with the

                                    "Angel's Love Interactive Journal"

                                   (click here for more information)


With the interactive Journal, you receive FREE page downloads along with inspirational audio, guidance, and meditations all available to download. Yours to keep forever! 


Take your spiritual practice to an entirely new level of vibration with guided audio written and recorded by Michelle Irene. 


Purchase the physical journal alone or add the guided digital journal for a richer experience-The choice is yours! It's like having a personal life coach in your back pocket for one low price!


Click this link for more Interactive Journal Info and a discounted rate when you purchase together!


One day at a time to renew the beauty within.


Love, Light and Many Miracles,


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