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Welcome to the  Angel's 101 Webinar

Based on my first book "Never Alone' 

the book that catapulted my journey into a way of living with love, light, grace, and ease. 
We start at the beginning and go back to the basics (refresh your memory and see something new)

to build a solid foundation on which to nurture our "Divine Light Connection" 

Angels 101

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Spirit has its own language

- how do we begin to understand the messages from a new perspective?

When I first began tuning in to the presence of my angels I'll be honest I wasn't sure what I was doing.

I wasn't sure what to look for or what I was looking for.

I knew they were there but who are they, what are they telling, why me?

But what happened next......


I began to see the blessings they have been gifted to me throughout my life. The trail of breadcrumbs that had been placed in my path and what it lead me to next...

Once I began to understand how they are with me every day, 

  • How they show me signs they are near -- consistently,

  • When I began to understand what those signs meant.

  • Who they were from and what my next step was to be?

MY world changed. From good to great! From great to unbelievable!

The gifts keep on presenting themselves in miraculous ways.

Abundance follows me and my connection continues to strengthen beyond the wildest imagination.

I talk to angels. There I said it. Out loud on a public platform.

Yes! I have conversations with them.

I once was afraid to admit this but now I see the strength they have given me through others that I share this insight with.

This is my mission in life.

  • To share the knowledge they have gifted me.

  • To live a happy life and feel free.

  • To fly with the love of my angels light.

come fly with me...


 Understanding the Connection with Angels & Guides -- Beginning Mediumship


  • how to tune into the frequency of your angels

  • how to elevate your vibration on a consistent basis for greater connection

  • meet your team of angels or spirit team

  • seeing the signs your angels are near

  • what are spirit impressions and identifiers plus how do we use them

  • connecting with loved ones and other spiritual beings to receive messages

  • how to give a professional reading or messages 

An evening of relaxation, meditation, journal work in a safe community of love and support.


A time for healing and nurturing our souls divine light connection.


Mindful techniques with time for open discussions on the current class topic. 

Meet new people as we create a divine tribe. 


We begin on Monday, Sept. 21st from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM 

October 5th - October 19th

Plus I'll throw in the audible version of 'Never Alone' so you can listen on the go and a glorious 'White light Protection' Meditation. 

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Receive an ebook copy of

'Never Alone'


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