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This Program is a comprehensive and transformative experience that combines ancient wisdom with modern practices, providing practical tools for personal growth and a supportive community. It's a journey for anyone seeking a more meaningful and authentic life, helping you establish a solid daily practice for lasting change. Remember, you are the leader of your legacy, and it's time to unlock your full potential for a happy and purposeful life. Enjoy your journey!


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Every 3 weeks

Easy Monthly Payment Plan

Valid for 12 weeks

12 Months Access to all Materials and LIVES

Access all Meditations

Download all printable materials

Profound Healing & Insight Guaranteed (see below)

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what you will receive

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Sacred Self Declaration

This is where your journey begins. It's a powerful step toward self-acceptance and understanding. It serves as a foundation for your commitment to your own sacred self.


12 Principles of Purposeful Living

These principles are at the core of Michelle Irene's work. They guide you in embracing authenticity, cultivating gratitude, and nurturing all your relationships, providing a framework for a meaningful life.


for Healing & Transformation

This aspect of the program is a valuable tool for reducing anxiety and stress. Self-hypnosis can be profound for inner healing and personal growth, including a special segment on self-hypnosis for anxiety.


Awakened Meditations

Meditations that offer inspiration and reflection. They help you connect with your inner self and align with your purpose.

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Angelic Light Council

A unique opportunity to connect with your inner spirit and receive guidance from the Angelic Kingdom of Light. It's a profound spiritual practice.

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Online Gatherings

Live gatheringsonce a month provide a chance to connect with others on the same journey and receive guidance directly from Michelle Irene. It's an opportunity to heal limiting beliefs.

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Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Living

Dive deep into timeless secrets of ancient wisdom and apply them to your contemporary life. This wisdom comes from a space deep within your soul.

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The "How" Factor

Unlike other programs, Awaken not only provides knowledge but also shows you how to apply it. Michelle Irene guides you through practical steps to unlock your potential.

Become the Master Creator of your Life

The Soulution Activation Technique 

Four-Step Healing Transformation Manifesting Process

This technique is the heart of the program.


It's Michelle's groundbreaking process for cultivating success in every aspect of your life.


It helps in:

  • healing relationships

  • creating new ones

  • discovering & transforming your limiting beliefs

  • understanding your purpose

  • seeing the next steps toward your goals.

  • This technique offers a unique approach to personal and professional growth.

"The seer of the sacred has the

ability to move with the flow of aligned energy.

The space where the sacred plan meets manifesting to magnify your purpose"

All Of this wrapped up in One Incredible Offering


CLICK NOW and save $500

Each step is a print within your soul,

creating a blueprint for tomorrow as the path continues to form. 

Download Week Two Message Here

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