'back to me'

9 guided meditations by michelle irene

Choose a path to clarity. It's worth the trip.

With each choice we make we create a reaction.

That reaction is your vehicle. Your energy. Your ride. 

A spiritual path is about the come back rate

for a smooth glide of a ride through each day.

Come back to be authentically you.

To feel good as often as you can.

Even if for a moment you see the rise, the shift, the beauty.

You can see it again. You can breathe again. 

That's why I've created this meditation album 'back to me'.

Making the conscious mind shift is not always as easy as a thought. Sometimes you need a little help. A reminder. 

Filled with nine beautifully co-created meditations with my angel team that help me come back to feeling more like the real me.

You are the creator of your reality.

Your thoughts and feelings are creating an intention.

This intention is shaping your light.

Your light is your world.

Your light is our world.

Peace ~ Light ~ Love

To enjoy life...

to live life...

to fully love life.

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