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Jan 29, 2023 - Dec 31, 2023

Self-Hypnosis: Healing & Transformation

Part of the AWAKEN 2023 Soul Journey What is hypnosis? THE AMPLIFIER of Human Experience. Trance like states are an occurrences that takes place quite often without you realizing. It is a very natural device of allowing your brain to recalculate and revitalize. This is an effective tool that also will allow you to travel into the subconscious mind where you give yourself permission to heal, make changes, and create transformations. Inside this program you will learn 12 self-hypnosis techniques that will not only transform your meditations to new heighten levels but will create the changes you seek most. Heel past traumas, relieve stress and anxiety, quite smoking or eating junk foods, etc... the possibilities for change are endless!

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