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Soul Remembrance

Your call to purposeful living begins here! Creating your Sacred Daily Practice is a declaration to yourself. This sacred practice creates a deep, meaningful, and spiritual bond between with your higher self, a higher power nad divine energy. It is a connection that transcends the physical realm and goes beyond superficial interactions. This connection can bring a sense of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment to one's life, and it can also lead to personal and spiritual growth. "Soul Remembrance" refers to the act of connecting with your inner self and remembering your true purposes in life. It's a way of becoming more self-aware and aligned with your values and goals. YOU ARE THE LEADER OF YOUR LEGACY & Master of Your Legacy and it's time to see your full potential for living an unconditionally happy life. Sometimes you need a little reminder. That is when your soul whispers. To harmonize with its rhythm. To reconnect with the stream of light as it dances with the wind.​ The gui'dance' of your soul strengthens the connection between your intuition and your soul's desires as they merge together as one. You are able to remember the ancient wisdom stored within as your soul reveals the answers. You can order the Soul Remembrance Ultimate Jounral and 104 Card Deck Here! Binge the Podcast as we travel through the Journal beginning with Episode #522 and Card #1

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