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May 16, 2024 - May 23, 2024

Divine Discovery Series: Divine Angelic Guidance

Illuminating the Path to Oneness Connecting with the Angel Within for Self-Discovery and Inner Harmony One Night Live: May 16 at 7:00 PM EST One week to watch the replay and download all the information. What Awaits You: Understanding Angelic Presence: Explore the concept of angelic guidance and its role in spiritual connection and enlightenment. Practices for Connecting with Angels: Learn meditation and visualization techniques to connect with your angelic guides and experience their loving presence. Integrating Angelic Wisdom into Daily Life: Discover how to carry the wisdom and guidance of angels into your everyday life for inspiration and direction. Creating a Sacred Legacy: Learn how to use your connection with angels to inspire positive change and healing in your community. What You'll Receive: Angelic Guidance Meditations: Audio meditations to help you connect with your angelic guides. Daily Integration Practices: Techniques for integrating angelic wisdom into your daily life. Community Connection Exercises: Exercises to help you use angelic guidance to create healing and positive change in your community. Legacy Creation Guide: A guide to creating a sacred legacy inspired by your connection with angels. Why You Need This: Experience Spiritual Enlightenment: Deepen your understanding and experience of spiritual enlightenment through angelic guidance. Enhance Your Daily Life: Learn to bring the guidance and inspiration of angels into your everyday life. Foster Positive Change: Use your connection with angels to inspire healing and positive change in your community. Create a Meaningful Legacy: Build a legacy that reflects your spiritual connection and the positive impact you've made. The Divine Angelic Guidance deck is one of several tools we'll use to enhance your spiritual development and intuitive abilities. Through it, you'll connect with the Angelic Light Council's wisdom, deepening your understanding of celestial energies.

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