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Essence Of Light Collection

Are you ready for an amazing experience? When you connect with your light anything is possible. Right now you can take one small right action step in a new direction to tune into the healing power of spiritual light energy This mini course contains the 'essence of light' digital journal downloads PLUS each page is paired with a specific meditation from the 'back to me' meditation album. One day at a time for 7 days to begin to shift the energy within. I turned to my angels as I started my spiritual search in the pursuit of happiness and self-love. I tried so many programs - read so many books (even wrote my own) - and purchased thousands of dollars in programs. Only to be left still feeling unfulfilled. As I began to learn and discover a spiritual practice of my own understanding my angel team continued bringing me back to this one thing. The missing link to your divine connection. The one thing that ties it all together. The one thing that will allow for that breakthrough. The one thing that will make the biggest difference in your life: your business - your health - and your healing. My angels brought me a better understanding of what light truly is so I can share this with you.​ the light of protection the light of the holy spirit the light of your soul I realized the light appears before the rise when you allow the light in. Allowing you to be you. Allowing you to see with a new vision. Allowing you to see the light as YOUR light through self discovery

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