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Never Alone Audio

In 2014, approaching my 50th birthday, I gifted myself a profound journey into writing. "Never Alone" emerged, a collaboration of over 75 stories, filled with angelic encounters. I wrote with the hope that my words would touch even one life. During this process, I discovered a divine plan unfolding. Angels left breadcrumbs in my path, guiding me to success—creating a QVC-sold convertible handbag, a local brick-and-mortar business, a personal coaching venture, three books, and four oracle card decks. These weren't mere coincidences. I had a deep knowing, a remembrance from the center of my soul, guiding my life's course. It told me I'd marry by 24, have a boy and a girl, and finish having children by 30. They laid the plan before me and opened my eyes to what has always been right in front of me. The beauty of connection with Divine Source. As you embark on your self-discovery journey, remember that angels and the divine source have a plan for you too. It waits for you to uncover it with full sight. This book has been my bestseller and the messages never go out of style and now you can listen along. It was the sequence of signs from the Angelic Light Council that guided me to write this book and birth my purpose.

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