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Soul Ignition: THE AUTHENTIC MANIFESTING FREE Three-Day Workshop

Beginning January 25th, 2024 you can be the catalyst for lasting change and growth. Ideal for anyone looking to begin the year with clarity, purpose, and joy. to adapt to the ever-changing world we live in. Join me for three incredible days of purposeful planning to authentically declare your greatest desires and manifest them into existence. If you find yourself feeling unprepared, uncertain about the future, or sensing deep down that there's more out there for you, this is meant for you. We're going to glide into the new year with ease and prepare to embrace 2024 as the year when you truly start living the life of your dreams. It's time to connect deeply with your innermost desires and the call of your soul for the coming year, setting the stage to manifest them into reality. This goes beyond the usual to-do lists and unfulfilled New Year's resolutions. The only plan you need. This is your opportunity to unlock your potential and lay the groundwork for a year filled with meaningful transformation. WHAT'S INCLUDED: ~The Soul-Ignition GuideBook  ~​Step into Your Future Meditation  ~​Three Powerful Video Lessons LIVE in the FB Group ~A Beautifully Crafted Sacred  Self-Declaration to Manifest your dreams into reality. The Beginning of the AWAKEN Process into the center of your SOUL. THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR FUTURE! ----------------------------------------------------------- Every year, I eagerly anticipate this workshop. It’s my annual ritual to rediscover my passions and set meaningful goals. The best part? I refer back to these gems throughout the year, constantly reigniting my excitement. Join this and make this joyful practice a part of your life too!" - Megan ----------------------------------------------------------- The "Soul Ignition" process creates a sacred space where support, healing, and rejuvenation of your soul's light are always within reach. It's a sanctuary for your spirit, a place where you can rekindle your spirit.

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