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Oct 2, 2023 - Mar 4, 2024

Soul Remembrance Circle (Online)

Welcome to the Soul Remembrance Circle Online, a monthly journey into your inner essence guided by Michelle Irene Stupski, a world-renowned spiritual leader and author. Highlights: ✨ Guided Meditation: Immerse in meditation to reconnect with your essence. ✨ Soul Remembrance Journal: Explore your inner self's depths. ✨ Card Deck Guidance: Gain spiritual insights. ✨ Community Connection: Connect with like-minded souls. ✨ Soulful Reflection: Engage in enlightening remembrance of who you came here to be. Open to all seeking inner connection and purpose. Join us for self-discovery, spiritual growth, and insights. Bring a journal, pen, open mind, and heart. You'll want to write down your experience and insight as you begin to channel from a place I call your inner genius. ✨The FIRST MONDAY OF EACH MONTH your new meditation and journal sheet will arrive in this portal. ✨ Cancel at any time and keep all the downloaded information! Regroup, regenerate, and refresh your spirit. Join the Soul Remembrance Circle and start your journey to authenticity and purpose. Let's spread our wings and FLY!

You can also join this program via the mobile app.

Soul Remembrance Circle ON-LINE, $8.88/month

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Michelle Irene Community Collective

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