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Connecting with the Divine Light Within

 working with Oracle, Angel, and Inspiration Cards

  Video Three

What is the missing link?

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The Divine Light Connection

has many levels

Discover them and understand each level in the next series. 

Tune into areas of your life that need special attention.

Allow the guidance of your divine light to lead you towards healing your heart and soul. 

When you create a strong light connection to spirit

 you open yourself up to divine guidance in every moment.


When you create this light connection you actually begin to feel lighter.

The heaviness of life's' experiences and situations begin to lift.

  • Decision Making becomes easier 

  • Comfort and ease become a part of your daily feels

  • Peace can be discovered on  a regular basis

  • Clarity on what's next unfolds before your eyes


When you become a Divine Light Connection Card Reader you can receive guidance, answers, and inspiration literally at your fingertips. 

  • for you

  • for your friends

  • for your loved ones

  • for your clients

  • as a new profession


But you are not just anyone and this is not your ordinary card course.

Build a strong Divine Light Connection and tune into your intuition

Even if you never ever want to do a professional card reading for another this opportunity allows you to get professional readings for yourself every single day! 

Develop Your Intuition as you advance your card reading abilities.


This goes beyond simply reading a card... It's so much more.

Have you ever asked yourself?

  • Can you really create a correction with cards?

  • I'm not sure where to begin?

  • I already know how to use cards but I'm want to take it to the next step

  • I've thought about doing readings for other's but I'm afraid to be wrong and don't know how to start

  • I mean how real is this? 

If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions or statements, then you really need to attend my

'Divine Light Connection'


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Divine Light Connection


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Take a journey to the center of your soul with this opportunity to learn How to Read Oracle Cards in a new way!

Go directly to the source of your power  and discover The Eye of your Soul


It is through the layers of our soul mem

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