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You are ready to take a step into the spiritual realm. A place you can enter anytime. A place where you can feel safe, protected, and free.

With the work that you have done this week:

  • You have raised your awareness of your divine connection.

  • You have elevated your energy vibration to new heights.

  • You have evolved into your true spirit.

  • You have arrived.

This connection is something to be cherished. Embrace it to allow the connection to strengthen.

  • Continue to check in with your self every day.

  • Journaling and meditation can take you to places you only dreamed possible.

  • This is a place where you can begin to hear the whispers of your intuition

  • To gain momentum and strengthen this voice to be heard fully.

  • A place to discover your voice

  • To allow yourself to be heard in a new way.

  • To be able to speak your truth in a loving way

  • With 100% Authenticity.

Trusting this intuition (your inner guide, your mind's GPS) is key to living an 'Intuitive Lifestyle' Enjoy this Bonus Meditation as you begin to feel the energy of love and spirit that you have created this week around you. Keep this energy momentum going. The more you practice the stronger it is received.

You Are beautiful.

You are love.

You are loved.

Enjoy and let me know how the journey goes!

Thanks so much for joining me through this 7 Day Journal Reset!

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Continue building your strength and energy momentum to take you to new unforeseen heights!


has over 50 daily recordings of inspiration, meditations, and writing prompts to guide you through a journey of discovering something more. 


One day at a time to renew the beauty within.

It's like having a life coach in your back pocket!  

Love, light, and many miracles,


Oh, what a feeling when you complete your writing for the day. A feeling of accomplishment along with a newfound strength. A better understanding.

Those glorious moments of peace after meditation can carry you through many days knowing you've got a backup support system in the universe.

Keep moving forward on your journal journey with guidance, insight, wisdom, and meditations. 

 7 Day Journal Reset

7 Day Journal Reset.jpg

Any moment is a moment to press the reset button!

  • Today begins day one of the 7 Day Journal Reset.

  • Are you ready to do the work? To show up for yourself? 

  • Are you the one that wants to do the work and be the change in the world?

  • Do you have the willingness to see in a new way?

You have to put the pen to the paper, the music to the meditation, the feet to the floor to walk the walk. The mind to inner peace, allow the heart to open and accept to connect the dots of connection and begin to harmonize with the energy of the universe. You have to show up every day. And that is my commitment to you.


I ask you "What are you willing to commit too?"


At least 5 minutes a day to journal, to step inside and explore your inner wisdom.

When you better your relationship within yourself you better all the relationships that surround you.


Day One:  Find a space where you can have a few minutes to yourself.

Enjoy and thank you for joining me. 

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Day Two:  Today is a meditation to begin to bring in positive energy. Find a quiet space. Sit back and relax. 

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Day Three:  Today is a meditation to begin to trust your inner guidance & higher power as you move forward. 

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Day Four:  Meditation: When you are finished I want you to write about your experience. Write down every thought, feeling, what you may have seen. Let your pen and intuition be your guide! . 

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Day Five:


Love = Peace 

Peace is a destination. It is something many of us strive for. We think we will discover this newfound freedom when we do this…..accomplish this….when this is finished…..I think you understand what I’m saying. The truth is you can find peace right now at this moment if you allow your self to travel there. 


Keyword: Allow  Yes peace and freedom are a destination you can travel to anytime you wish. It’s free and that’s a trip worth taking. 

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Day Six:

Become aware of the beauty in your surroundings to ride the glide through life.


Try this exercise and see how it feels. Journal about this.


You can do it right where you are at this moment. 

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Day Seven:

Congratulations! You did it! Listen to recording number one before number two.


I know it seems silly to say but I don't want you to miss my message before your lesson today.  


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