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 working with Oracle, Angel, and Inspiration Cards

Beginning April 2nd

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I love channeling spirit. YOU CAN TO! 

I love when I can release the need to control 

and allow the influences of my higher power

to give me words of wisdom to inspire others. 


The funny thing is I resisted this feeling for years. 

I dabbled in oracle cards and shied away from it out of FEAR.


  • Fear of what others might say 

  • Fear of being judged for what or how I was channeling 

  • Fear of what my religion & upbringing would reflect

  • Fear of saying the wrong thing

  • Fear of being wrong 

Just to name a few. Once I was finally able to shed this feeling of fear or the need to be right my intuitive abilities multiplied. The guided messages became more uplifting, more clear, & more on point than ever. 


My messages are a little different than the conventional way you may think they are.

They are on a soul level of what you may need to nourish that inner light. 


To shine bright.

To live a spiritual path of enlightenment

To awaken to YOUR fullest capabilities.  


You have the ability to do just that.

I have taught countless others how to intuitively receive messages as guidance and inspiration.  


Your angel team is sending you messages all the time.

Most of us aren't sure what we hear or see. We see the signs but that's not always enough.


It's the messages that are literally dangling right in front of us. Like a carrot.

We can't quite grasp it. 

We may not completely understand it. 

  We get caught up in the mundane tasks of everyday life.

We walk the treadmill over and over never quite getting to where we want to go.

 We forget about our connection to the divine.

Life happens. And that’s okay.


Think about how different your life could look -- just for a minute

What if?

  • The flow of universal energy worked with you

  • Worked through you

  • Uplifted you every day

  • Showed you greater insight into your personal connection

What if?

  •  If we were able to make clear decisions 

  • Take confident action

  • Knowing you we’re on the right path 

  • To soak in the wisdom of the Universe

Join me for my FREE 3 Video Series on Connecting with the Divine Light Within

 working with Oracle, Angel, and Inspiration Cards Beginning April 2nd

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