Divine Light

Connection Program

When you discover your Divine Light Connection 

you can receive guidance, answers, and inspiration literally at your fingertips.

It's all in the cards!

I am so excited about my brand new deck of cards that I truly believe it will allow you to recalibrate your mindset as it guides you towards living freely and loving fully.

Your intuition leads you to answers as the mind, body, and soul create a greater connection working in unison.​

Start at the beginning of building your spiritual practice to a newly heightened awareness as we go back to the basics for creating that solid foundation on which to stand upon for greater insight, guidance, and connection.

When we are in spiritual alignment with our authentic soul being life has this amazing ability to glide with ease through what comes next.

Focusing more on the now in your current situation to allow you to gain strength and courage to head into what is waiting to be discovered.

Creating balance in your day through the power of your mind, body, and soul allows for your spirit to run freely.

  • Each day is a day to learn.

  • Each moment is a moment to embrace.

  • Each breath is a moment to breathe in new opportunities for growth and understanding.

Living an Intuitive Lifestyle is something you do daily already unconsciously. When you become more conscious of your ability...this is the game changer! 


With practice, you can begin to receive and understand reliable information.

Your intuition leads you to answers as the mind, body, and soul create a greater connection working in unison.





*Welcome package, bonus and many functions only available to FULL Enrollment.

* BONUS GIFTS Only available to fully enrolled participants. 

Due to overseas shipping fees, any overseas signee will have to pay the shipping cost. 

Including my brand new deck 'Divine Light Connection'

48 Oracle cards full of divine wisdom & insight

so you can Create a stronger connection to your light within 


PLUS the Divine Light Connection Card Formation for greater clarity & understanding

allowing you to fully embrace the pillar of your inner strengths. 



Your angel team is sending you messages all the time.

They will never leave you hanging when you learn to the true essence of your 'Divine Light Connection'.

It's yours. If you want it. 

I want it for you. 


The full Connection to my DIvine LIght was the missing link.

I connected the dots to all three sides and came out stronger than ever.

This way of living changed my life in a fun fulfilling way. 

Are you ready for more fun in your life? 

This is so much more than a card reading curse. This is a transformational opportunity. 

Just think about how you can easily implement this in any profession to make clear decisions and feel uplifted.

Are you a Life Coach, Counselor, Mentor, Reiki Healer, Sound or Energy Healer, or therapist?


You can easily implement this learning into

  • Your business to uplevel your results and services. 

  • Or just read for yourself everyday with professional results.

  • Read for your friends and family and they'll think you're magical.

  • Because in a way you are!!

This program will teach you everything you need to know about the fluid magical dance of card reading as you connect the dotted lines to a FULL Divine Light Connection empowered life!


We begin Friday, April 24th at 7PM Eastern Time

                                     via zoom meeting

                  Tuesday, April 28th 7PM Eastern Time

                  Thursday, April 30th 7PM Eastern Time


Sign on details will be emailed directly to your inbox.

Can't wait to see you!

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Inside this magically crafted Ebook comprised of years of experience PLUS Michelle angelic guidance, here is what you will learn in this part of the program:


you'll learn:


  1. How to get to know your cards and prepare for messages.

  2. How to best receive the message and understand what is coming forward.

  3. Five fun ways to use your cards to enhance your personal development, spiritual connection and guidance. 

  4. How to do a multi-card reading that best fits your needs. 

  5. How to use more than one deck at a time for greater insight. 

  6. My special Tree of Life Technique for a deep dive into your soul's journey.

  7. PLUS a special peek into my brand new 'Divine Light Connection' card formation to discover your pillars of strength as you build a strong foundation to continue growing and learning as an individual. 

Special BONUS meditations for download that you can listen to alone or along with your deck of cards to enhance your divine light connection readings.

This process works amazingly with any deck of cards from Angel Cards - to inspiration cards - to oracle cards - and even tarot ,,,