Retreat 2021 -- It's time to FLY

Friday May 21st

 Sunday May 23rd 2021

Release - Recharge - Rejuvenate.

Event Itinerary: (subject to change)

Friday Evening: 

6:00 pm Check-in 

7:00 pm Opening Ceremony with Meditation and Intention Setting

7:30 pm Greet and Meet Event as we create a special item to infuse with your energy


8:00 am Opening Ceremony 8:00 am as we begin the day with an authentic smudge cleansing drum circle

10:00 am Energy Painting Release Activity

Free Time 

12:00 pm LUNCH BREAK 

1:30 pm  Movement Meditation

2:00 pm Travel the Trails for Reiki Healing - Forrest Massage - Sound Bath Healing - Meditation/Journaling - Grounding Rituals 


Family Dinner 6:30 pm

Campfire Release to Recharge Ceremony


9:00 am Morning Meditation Circle

9:30 am Surprise Guest Speaker

10:30 am Walk the Ceremonial Labyrinth

12:00 pm Closing Ceremony

Invitation to Stay on the property to reflect, explore, and just be until 5 pm. 

Location: My private property in upstate New York located on 58 Acres of beautiful sacred land

348 Wilson Hill Rd. Binghamton, NY 13905



Walk the Labyrinth

Experience a ceremonial walk to the center of your soul

A labyrinth is a meandering path with a singular path leading to a center. 


Full of intricate passageways and blind alleys.

A type of maze formed by paths separated by stones, or hedges to mark the journey.


At the beginning of your spiritual practice, you step into the circle as you journey your way to wholeness.

Picking up pieces of understanding along the way as you release what no longer serves.


You travel to your center and back out into the world with a newfound connection to self the divine source.


It's a path to awakening your senses.


Both physical and non-physical as your light within expands for optimal awareness and insight. 

This card is an action card. It is time to step into this journey on a new level. Each time you begin your strength gains momentum...

What to Bring -- Plan your Trip

  1. Comfortable Clothing. It could be anywhere from 50 to 80 degree weather. 

  2. Bring hiking boots that can withstand water and possibly mud on the trails. I will prepare the trail sections in dry spots but hey you never know. There is a vehicle to take you from station to station if needed. 

  3. Optional: Bring a book that has inspired, transformed, or allowed you to discover something new within you. A book you are ready to part with in a book exchange. Bring one take one. Honor system. 

  4. Optional: Bring a deck of cards that have inspired, transformed, or allowed you to discover something new within you. A book you are ready to part with in a card deck exchange. Bring one take one. Honor system.

  5. ​Breakfast is FREE at the Hotel. The host hotel is Comfort Inn Binghamton, NY . It is newly renovated and very clean.

  6. Friday Evening we will serve hors d'oeuvres between six and seven before opening circle. 

  7. Lunch will be provided on Saturday and Sunday.

  8. Family dinner on Saturday Evening is a sacred space where we will all come together from our day's journey. Please bring attire similar to what you would wear to a fancy restaurant. It will be catered. Please let me know of any dietary requirements

  9. Water, Coffee, Tea, and snacks will be readily available throughout the weekend. Feel free to bring your own! 

  10. Transportation from the hotel to the premises will be provided. You will receive a print out of the schedule and itinerary for all transportation times. If you drive in and do not need a ride but can help with others that would be awesome! 

  11. Friday Evening Pick Up times will be 5:45 and 6:30 pm

  12. Saturday Morning Pickup Time will be 7:30

  13. Saturday Return time to hotel to nap, shower, and or prepare for dinner will be 4:00 pm 

  14. Saturday Dinner Pick up will be 6:00 pm

  15. Sunday Morning Transportation 8:30 am with Return at 2 pm and 4 pm 

  16. Invitation to Stay on the property to reflect, explore, and just be until 5 pm

Due to the unknow of COVID in the future testing may be a prerequisist for attendance. 

Nearby Airports

Binghamton, NY 5 Minutes BGM

Elmira, NY 45 Minutes ELM

Syracuse, NY 45 Minutes SYR

Scranton, PA 45 Minutes AVP

Hotel Accommodations available at

Comfort Inn Binghamton, NY 

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