To the Rise to Shine Affiliate Program 

You are officially an MI Spirit Team Member

My spirit team and I are so psyched to have you as an affiliate partner for the Rise To Shine Event 2019!


Our intention is to make this launch easy, fun and abundant for you.

On this site, you will find everything you need for a successful launch, including the launch schedule, suggested copy, artwork and more! Sign-in information will come to you in your inbox so save this link!

The launch of sharing your stories and promotional information is about to begin.

Here are some very important details for you to know.


1. You will receive a special link in your FB Messenger that is attached to you personally for easy tracking on sharing the event. I will give you materials and videos to share or you can take them from my pages but make sure you use your link! 

2. If a guest is not using your link kindly remind them to make sure they mention your name so you can get your kickback from the event. To ensure 100% that you will get your credits and cha-ching use the link.

3. If a friend or family member does not use the internet it's OK You can offer to assist them by signing them up or getting their info and I can help. My cell number is 607-343-5974. 

4. We will begin a soft launch Sept. 1 and begin planting the seed. Don't become alarmed if no one signs up in the first few weeks. Most sign-ups happen near the end of the special offer. 

5. Your special affiliate fee is $99. This can be shared with everyone! No limits but this rate does expire Sept 30, 2019


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