You want to awaken your

 intuitive abilities. 


You want to infuse them into your current profession and enhance your skillset. Maybe you simply want to change the way you are currently living your life. 


Here's the thing, you already have beautiful intuitive abilities just WAITING to be mastered!


All YOU need to do is learn how to tap into your ability and consciously use these gifts in your favor.

Once I began allowing my intuition to guide me through my coaching sessions it was a total game-changer for my business. It was a drop your mic moment for me AND for my clients!


I began to notice reoccurring patterns taking place. This lead to creating my own techniques of clearing the way to gain more clarity. In turn, giving my clients clarity. 


I personally use these techniques myself to continue paving the way for myself as well as for others to fully tap into their unique abilities. 


We all have them - We just need to wake them up! 


I'm not going to lie it's not a magic pill or an overnight success story. 


It will take time, practice, and patience. But if you're willing to simply begin taking steps in that direction you literally have the power to change your world in the palm of your hands. 

Divine Light Connection  Master Program

I have taken six years of teaching, learning, and writings PLUS a lifetime of experience wrapped them all up in a pretty little box for a clear path to learning.


                              Are you ready to open this box to see what's inside? 


As you allow your intuitive abilities to blossom you gain the opportunity to uplevel your current lifestyle and profession by creating an Intuitive Lifestyle.


It's the beginning of creating a stronger connection to source thus strengthening your skillset and mindset.   

In turn, you will take your biz and the way you live each day to the next level. 

How do you decipher between intuition and ego? This is one of the most asked questions I receive. I will show you how to not only detect the difference but show you how you can feel the difference. Then use this skillset in your everyday life for the best results in any situation.


You'll receive this beautifully crafted EBook filled with the basics of card messages and many ways to get the most out of your cards.*

You want a connection to spirit guides, angels and the universe.

To identify the signs and clues they are showing you.

To better understand what these clues mean and how they guide you every day. 

I share with you how spirit leaves impressions when they enter your energy zone. How they identify who they are. 


You will learn how to Receive messages to deliver in a professional manner through the channel of love and light. 


You will discover your own techniques along the way to become the master of your craft. 


Even if you're not in business for yourself and work corporate....imagine the possibilities of receiving intuitive messages and understanding the energy of others to make lifestyle choices every day. 

When you combine your intuition, communication with spirit skills and integrate this with your soul power you receive an explosive opportunity that will literally blow your mind!!​

This Master Program is for you if you are:

  • Ready to do the work and invest in the rest of your life.

  • Searching for the opportunity to build a greater connection with your spirit/angel team

  • Tap into your Intuition on a greater scale for daily understanding and guidance

  • Meet your Spirit Guides, discover their names and their purpose

  • Begin to allow yourself to be guided from your higher power as you discover the true meaning of this source

  • Learn how to Meditate Like a Pro (cuz' will you are)

  • If you have a spiritual-based biz this will allow you to rise to a new level of teaching

  • If you do not have a biz you may be guided in the direction of discovering this as your true purpose

  • and give yourself clear concise messages every day

Part Three - Soulution


  • If you simply want to live in a new heightened awareness with a better understanding that we are spiritual beings living a human experience  

  • Recalibrate your mindset

  • Integrate into a full embodied spiritual alignment with who you truly are

then Divine Connection Masterclass is for you.​

When you combine all these amazing abilities that you already have and strengthen them to their fullest potential allowing for everything to work together you create the strongest

 Divine Connection 

leading you to your greatest destination of all time.

Peace - Freedom - Happiness - Love​

This new program will take all your skill sets and your personal development to the next level.


When you combine intuition, communication with spirit skills and integrate this connection with your soul power you get an amazing Solution for a Divine Connection

Stop working with a weak link of connection to your higher power and begin connecting the dots for a solid direct link to access everything you've always dreamed of. 


I keep it super simple as we travel through four months together. I will show you my discoveries along the way as you develop the way that feels most comfortable for you. 


Not only will you feel amazing along the way because we will be working on your spiritual practice healing your inner soul as this assists in a greater bond with your higher power. 

Part Three

Not sure where to begin? Send me a message to see if we are a good fit or simply sign up for news, techniques, and guidance.