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Reading with Digital Aura Rendering

Allow the guidance of your divine light to lead you towards healing your heart and soul.
When you create a strong light connection to spirit you open yourself up to divine guidance in every way. Allow my Intuitive Abilities to begin to receive inspiring guidance and messages for you. As I create a digital rendering of your aura energy to see what spirit has to say soul to soul.  

You will receive a spiritually guided rendering of your energy aura  along with an in-depth reading of messages on a soul to soul energy level. All in a beautiful downloadable ready to print format to display and reflect upon when needed most. 


SPECIAL OFFER save 22% on digital rendering only

Due to high volume requests readings will be complete within a five day period.


  1. When payment is complete send me your picture through email ( or messenger. 

  2. Full or partial body works best. Headshot selfies can be difficult to work with. 

  3. Please make sure the top of your head is included in the picture.    


"Omg thank you thats is so beautiful !! I love this !! Keeping my heart and soul open for all this beautiful goodness !

Thank you this made my day !!"

-- Melissa


"Thank you so much! I am always drawn to water. I just spent a week at the ocean and I received so many messages that my angels were near. I know on the day to day I miss messages. So much here for me to take in. Thank you again!"

-- Sharon



"Well that brought me to tears of gratitude. How beautiful your words and gift touched my heart. Deepest Love dear beautiful Michelle.

Truly grateful for you"

I'll send you instructions on what to do next. 

About Michelle

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Through my years as an author, creator, and Lifestyle Transformation Coach, I have spent countless hours searching and searching for the best way to help others heal. To learn to allow love to come forward with the guidance of their intuition.  I realized that using oracle cards is a fun way to do just that! 

I use them in my classes, workshops, and events!


I use them online to inspire others plus when I need a bit of inspiration myself. They always seem to tell me just what it is I need to hear.

Like many other decks from all the guru's out there (which are great...I'm kind of a card hoarder haha) the deck you choose to work with is something so special because you are infusing your energy into it.

Allowing you to be connected fully to your pictures, your words, and your messages.

I  continue to build a spiritual practice for myself by helping others build theirs. Your life will change in magical ways.

Infinite Possibilities!

Join me.


You'll be enlightened.