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Angels 101

Ready to begin creating an angelic connection?

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Angels 101
Angels 101

Time & Location

Time is TBD


About the event

 The class that started it all.

Created from my first book Never Alone. 

Space is limited so Please reserve your space ahead of time.  

Every attendee will receive a copy of the book 'Never Alone' and the audio version! 

Listen to to Michelle an Author and Intuitive Lifestyle Transformation Coach as she guides you through her first book sharing the stories of moments with angels and how you can recognize an angel in your life. 

"Never Alone" is a collaboration of True Inspiring Stories of Moments with Angels. Inside you will find stories by others and see the many ways your Angels give you signs that they are always near, never far.

How do you know? How do you know someone is with you? How do you know you're not alone? How do you know there is a greater world out there besides the one we are living here on Earth? What are the signs, what should you look for?

From the smell of your Mother's Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup to a visit from a bird in disguise, you'll discover some amazingly touching stories that will give you chills, tears, and inspiration to start looking for clues of your own.

Be assured that no matter your circumstance in life, someone is always with you watching over -- you are Never Alone.

Meet local author Michelle Irene as she shares angelic happenings and discusses how you too can be connected with your angels anytime!  

It's the perfect time of year to connect with your angel's. 


People often ask me why they aren't seeing the signs their angels are near. 

Why do I not see them? What am I doing wrong? Why are they not communicating with me? How come others can do all this and I'm not? 

I've been told my angels are here to help me but I don't see that happening? 

Can I really learn to communicate with my loved ones in spirit form and other angels? 


You have to do the work. It's not just going to happen for you unless you meet them halfway. 

Imagine the frustration of spirit on the other side knocking on your door, ringing your doorbell yet you never seem to answer the door. It's locked no windows to see outside. Matter of fact it may even have a padlock on the door! 

Wouldn't you be frustrated if you were to knock on your friend's door and no one ever answered? 

If you want life-changing experiences with your angels and spirit, you have to dedicate yourself to learning more. Not only do you have to begin to tune in you have to step up and do the work! 

Time, consistency and patience. 

We all have spirit communication abilities we can begin to develop and create a strong consistent connection with. 

The magic truly begins when you nourish these abilities allowing for you to begin to see the signs, and receive the messages coming your way. You begin to allow yourself to be guided by a power greater than yourself with every breath you take.

I want to help you get to that place. Come fly with me as take step one to begin to open that door to the other side. 



Michelle began her spiritual journey at an early age but began to truly understand her abilities after the publication of her first book "Never Alone"  in 2015. This book includes over 50 true inspirational stories of moments with angels and how they guide us through our daily life. She has since published other books and inspirational products, as well as teaches courses online and in person. 

Through the years Michelle has studied under Gabby Bernstein and officially became a certified 'Spirit Junkie' while graduating from the Masterclass Training in Level One and Two. As well as Rosie Cepero (Star of TLC's show "Angels Among Us") Doreen Virtue and John Edward among others. Earning her many certifications to verify your understandings and teachings. 

She currently hosts classes and speaking engagements to show others how you can live a life of abundance, to become your authentic self with guidance from your angels. 

“Bringing happiness to others is one of my greatest accomplishments,” says Michelle. “I have been blessed with a special gift from my Angels to make this world a better place, one person at a time. They have shown me ways to connect in order for me to pass it on to you.” Michelle currently resides in Binghamton, NY with her husband Todd of thirty years. She has two children Derek and Taylor, and two granddaughters. 

"It is through the love of my angels and the joy of living a life of abundance (and I am not talking about monetary abundance) that I have been inspired to write the books that have changed my life in amazing ways. I brought these techniques to the forefront and began teaching classes and courses as my coaching business evolved through the years. I have helped many others to see life through a different lens for a brighter look into the future. A life viewed from new heights and a positive perspective." ~Michelle Irene

It is up to you to do the work, for your angels will only guide you in the direction of your greater good! 

Happiness is a choice and a choice anyone can make at any moment no matter the circumstance. 

If you want to learn to grow you will have to get up and GO!  NOW is your time! You were brought to this page for a reason so don't waste another moment! It will not be handed to you on a silver platter, for even the richest of people in this world do not find true happiness through their money it is found through your being. 

Find joy in your day for it is for everyone! 

Join me on this amazing journey we call life and see how connecting with this magical energy we instill can shift your life to new heights! 


  • Angels 101

    I can't wait to share some truly beautiful stories!

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  • Angels 101

    I can't wait to share some truly beautiful stories!

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