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Enrollment NOW CLOSED until 2020


Enrollment NOW CLOSED until 2020

Angel's Love -- ON-LINE

Enrollment NOW CLOSED until 2020 A 3 Part Course Based on the book 'Angel's Love' to heighten your connection with spirit and bring you back to a place of love

Registration is Closed
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Angel's Love -- ON-LINE
Angel's Love -- ON-LINE

Time & Location

Enrollment NOW CLOSED until 2020

Enrollment NOW CLOSED until 2020

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3 Weeks of amazing insight! Begins July 2020

Can't make it live? No worries a replay of the evening will me provided for your viewing! 

​There are moments in your life when an idea, a thought, words, people and even objects appear when the timing is just right. Moments that sometimes are unexplained and you know this was something special. 

You can feel the warmth, the love from above, and you realize this is the love of your angels.

We will dive deep in to inspiration, guidance, and love that we receive daily from our very own team of spirits! 

Learn what this all means to you and how you can begin to shift your life to discover the love of your angels.

During this 3 part course:

we will interact live as a collective community 3 times

where you will gain insight and support from not only me but other's in the group

I will share guided meditations each week to assist you along your journey

you will begin to discover the steps to take forward to begin or build a personal spiritual practice of your own understanding.

we will discuss the steps to allow you to stand in your power and create the life you've always dreamed

how to implement a new way of thinking into your everyday life to where it becomes a new part of you.

open your mind to the possibilities of connecting with a power greater then you

what are your gifts and what does this mean?

discovering your natural abilities to better connect

gain back access to your rightful abilities

the art of acceptance and appreciation

trust, faith, and believe -- what's the difference and how they affect our lives

how to tune into the frequency of your angels

how to elevate you vibration on a consistent basis for greater connection

meet your team of angels or spirit team

the power of 3 and other numbers

seeing the signs your angels are near

what are spirit impressions and identifiers plus how do we use them

self work for creating a greater self worth

the power of a word

the practice of I am

self love -- a lifestyle transformation

stop, drop, and roll

what exactly is angel's love

Connecting with your spirit team is so much more then you think!

Your angels are always present everywhere you go.

They guide us to discover more about ourselves.

They show you how to be the best version of you.

By understanding their presence in your life you can begin to let go of the weight of the the world so your soul can fly freely.

When you begin to see the connection with your angels your ability to love, laugh, and enjoy life multiplies!


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