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Free  Intensive Oracle Card Training

When I first started using oracle I thought I was going to have all the answers.
Like a magic 8 ball when I was a kid.
Remember those?
The answers were not as clear as I hoped they would be so I put the cards away for a while.
A few years later I was guided back to them and tore my house apart searching for them. I found them!
I started to understand how they were guiding me from the inside out and showing me what I truly needed most. Different from what I wanted. But needed nonetheless.



Receiving messages through oracle is a fun way to connect with spirit.

From the inside out to see what your soul is needing most.

It's not a crutch but a gateway to connecting with the divine source.

They're a great tool for discovering your true spirit and a reminder that YOU are the best oracle.


You have all the answers. We just need to find a way to bring them to the surface.


That's why I'm excited about my FREE Training opportunity coming soon.

I'll touch on the basics and simple ways to implement oracle into your everyday.


Not just for beginners but for all levels of card readers.

Take your skillset and be ready for expansion!


Reserve your space here so you don't miss out on this 3 Video Series of Intensive oracle training.