SOUL FULL Sunday Messages

Every Sunday on my Facebook page "Never Alone by Michelle Irene", I post pictures from an array of angel oracle and tarot cards to give you a boost for the week ahead. These messages are from your angels. I call upon the highest of high angels to give you insight into something you may need to work on with in yourself to have a soul full of love and light. We are all works in progress and when we can come from a place of love and light the world can be a much nicer place to live. You are a beautiful being and you deserve to live a life of abundance and happiness. Messages will be revealed every Monday, giving all viewers the opportunity to pic their favorite card and post here for quick

Is it really Essential?

I've dabbled in essential oils for many years now. It began when I decide to create one of my favorite products 'Spirit Spritzers'. It was really a fun creative process that expanded my knowledge of these amazing oils that have been around for a very long time. After all essential oils were mankind's first medicine. There are 188 references to essential oils in the Bible.* The three wise men presented essential oils of frankincense and myrrh to the newborn Jesus. Through the world of development and technology man has created many other forms of medicine but somehow the world is coming back to natural forms. I didn't really take them seriously until the day my bichon, Jeter was diagnos

Do you love Monday's?

Often times people we will begin to feel down on Sunday evenings. Thinking about the week ahead in regards to your career, appointments, your to do list, etc. When Monday rolls around the complaining begins and the week has you starting off on the wrong foot. When you put yourself in that mind set you begin to create the opportunity for a downward spiral. Like attracts like right? The Law of Attraction. It's a real thing. If you haven't heard of it or would like to learn more, I suggest you watch 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne . It will change your life! If you begin to dread the week ahead you are instantly lowering your energy vibration. When you do this the process of setting things

Messages from Your Angels

If you follow me on facebook then you know every Sunday I post the opportunity for you to receive an inspirational reading for the week. I post three cards and ask you to pick the number card that resonates with you most. I ask you to go with your instinct. Why? The reason for doing this is teaching you how to go with your instinct. Trust it. Why do I ask you to do that ? you may be saying to yourself. Because that is one of the amazing ways your angels guide you. That moment when the answer, the word, the idea just randomly pops in your head. It probably happens to you often and you don't even realize it. In essence your angels (spirit) are guiding you to p

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