Is your Soul Full?

This morning I went to a mass for a dear friend of mine who's father-in-law had just passed away. I sat down in the pew and looked to my left. There was a beautiful stained glass window with the Arch Angel Michael! This weeks choice of cards for your soul full Sunday message with the week ahead. I could have sat anywhere in the church but my angels lead me to this spot confirming I picked the right set of cards to receive from this week. I love getting the little signs like that for reassurance. So heartwarming. Do you see the signs? They are all around you, everyday! I have an on-line class that I am teaching, it's this Wednesday and I have extended the early bird special just for

Soulful Sunday Messages

This weeks messages are about love, gratitude and replenishing our soul. To better connect with others, ourselves, and the higher power we have to come from a place of love. Did you read my latest blog post 'A Letter of Gratitude'? Loving yourself is the place you need to begin to make that change. So I asked my angels to bring forth the cards that would best reflect what it is that you may need to start moving in this direction! So by now you should know the drill....pick the card that instantly resonates with you and then find your message below. You may pick more then one if you feel the need for further insight. Enjoy! Card #1: 'Open your heart to allow the goodness to flow inward'

A Letter of Gratitude

While working with one of my clients recently (and this happens every time I work with others) I had a very profound moment. I continually learn and grow from each person I come in contact with because I lead with an open heart. I come from a place of compassion which allows me to better understand that each one of us has our own journey, our own difficulties, our own issues and our own triumph's. Just because you are having a rotten day, I understand it has nothing to do with me. And if you are having an amazing day, I can truly be happy for you. Leading with compassion allows me to better comprehend and not absorb the other person's actions/pain and not take it personally. My husband u

Connecting with Angels

I'm super excited to introduce my new oracle cards to you that I'm giving away a set. Oracle cards, angel cards, tarot cards are all amazing tools to enhance your connection with spirit and receive messages everyday! They are so easy to use and so much fun. Just ask my students or others that look for insight from their cards. They never let us down! Let me tell you a little bit about my newest deck of cards. Inside this beautiful deck you will find inspiration from Mother Nature. These photos were chosen to assist you with a better connection. What better way to ground your self by connecting with the purest form of inspiration. With the earth, to ground your spirit and enhance your s

Soulful Sunday Messages

This week is about soul renewal and awakening our inner self as we become a better version of who we are. Using stacked decks for a deeper reading. Pick the number column that first catches your eye! Trust your intuition! See your messages below: Card Set #1 The first card is -- The sun will rise tomorrow no matter your circumstances today. Imagine it as the white light of the divine shining down on you protecting you as you carry out your life's purpose. You always have it's protection as it shines the light on your path. Keep moving forward ...never give up or give in because life is wonderful! Life is a journey and magical! The second card is-- adversity which totally relates to the

Soul Full Sunday Messages (Creating a stronger bond w/ your angels)

Our angels are always here to guide us, guard us, and protect us. They are here for us no matter the circumstance whether you believe or not. When you believe and learn to see the signs, you begin to understand that you can call upon them anytime for assistance. The more you communicate with them and the more you allow them into your life the more abundant you journey becomes. We are energy. Everything around us is energy and our angels our energy. By understanding that we are all connected your life can change in so many ways. Soulful Sunday messages are my way of assisting you to your connection with your angels and to give you a message to carry with you for the week ahead. When I a

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