Gratitude for what other's have done for you!

How quickly we forget. We are so wrapped up in our daily lives that we tend to forget the sacrifices that others have done for us. Be it small things within your family or big great courageous things from people we do not even know. On this Memorial day take a moment to truly thank those who have served for you. To give you the freedom in our great country. This weeks messages are about gratitude, big, small and everything in between. Having the deep inner feeling of being thankful for what God has given you is one of the first steps in learning how to connect on a higher frequency with your angels. When you begin to count your blessings and realize how many you actually have around you y

Angel Messages to forge ahead!

The week ahead is one of new discoveries, talents and happiness. As we become more connected to our inner selves and figure out what it is we really need, not necessarily what we want. If you haven't already done your spring cleaning do it now before it gets away from you and Fall is upon. Cleansing our living space is just as important as clearing our minds for full connection with the divine. All the 'stuff' get's in the way and that's what this weeks messages are all about. Clearing our 'stuff'. Which ever angel you picked is the most important message your angels want you to hear and focus on this week. The other messages may relate to you as well but they are secondary to this wee

Sweet Angel Messages

With the warmer weather finally here in the North East it always seems to become a time of reflection and renewal. Regrowth and blossoming like the plants that God has given to us. This weeks messages from your angels are about just that. Finding the time to grow as an individual and making the changes need to do just that. I spent the last few weeks taking some new courses to grow spiritually so that I could continue to do what I do by helping you. When we open that door just a little to let the light shine in we can do so much for our self worth and be better, live better and love better. Now as a certified Angel Intuitive and a certified Angel Card Reader through Doreen Virtue , I fe

May 1st Weekly Readings

Happy May everyone! Spring is here or almost for some but don't let that from stopping you to grow. We all need nourishment inside and out so stay positive, eat right, drink water and live in a place of love and kindness. Using the NEW and improved Michelle Irene Inspiration Cards (soon available for purchase) here is your weekly readings for the choices you picked. Card #1: Your angels are with you everyday. To guide you, guard you and protect! If you take a moment to be still and silent you may actually feel them wrap their glorious wings around you. Your body will shiver, quiver and the tears may begin to flow. It is such a powerful moment to experience but you have to be still. W

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