Living with your Angels

They are with you whether you call upon them or not. But if you could communicate with them and create a better relationship would you? Think of all the amazing little miracles you are missing out on experiencing. Imagine the smiles, happiness and love that would be in abundance of great proportions if only you could communicate better. They can change your mood in an instant and give you comfort when needed most. They can guide you in directions you never dreamed possible. So why are you not connecting more often then you already do? What is holding you back? Why wouldn't you want to live the BEST LIFE possible? Learning to connect with my angels on a different level hase changed my li

Inspiration from your Angels

Isn't it amazing that through our angels we can find comfort, guidance, strength and inspiration? We all have the ability to inspire ourselves as well as each other in so many different ways. That's one of my favorite things about using angel cards. To inspire others to be better, to keep moving forward and to know there is more out there. This weeks Soulful Sunday messages to make your heart FULL are all about just that. Something you can work on each day this week to fill your heart with something that may be missing. Whether it's love, happiness, comfort, connection, this reading is for you. Take the message with you wherever you go, hold it close to your heart and know you are NEVER

The Power of a Word

Words are powerful. We all know that, we all have felt it. The good words feel good and the bad ones well...? Who ever said "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" didn't know what they were talking about. The proof is now in the pudding or should I say in the water? In 1994 Dr. Emoto came up with the idea to freeze water and observe it through a microscope. From tap water to ocean water they spoke kind words to the droplets as well as showing the water droplets pictures and playing music. Beautiful crystals always formed after giving good words, playing good music, and even offering prayer to the water. On the other hand, when bad and unkind words were spo

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