Cosmic Synergy

Many of you may still be feeling the effects of the latest solar eclipse. I know some were feeling it a week or so before it even took place. When you are in tune to your body and understand the oneness that is (we are all one with each other, the earth, the universe and the divine) you will be able to notice the shifts in the world and have a better understanding of you and how this all affects you. Working together with this type of universal energy when you know it's going to take place can be the perfect recipe for a major uplifting spiritual experience. I knew the approximate time it was going to take place so I decide I wanted to be outside planting my Fall flowers. With my hands in

Your Heart's Desires

What an amazing blessing for us all to have the opportunity to be alive today! It is the day of a natural phenomenon, an energy shift to shake it all up in the world. The opportunity for us to forgive, love more, grow more and be more. Be more to ourselves so that we can be more for others. Lead the world in a transformation from the heart and exuberate love and light. That is what the world needs now, is love sweet love! If we all place our intentions out into this incredible energy shift we can make a difference! It will be felt! It will be heard. It's like our universe is shaking some sense into us. We have gotten so out of control with nit picking, judging, speaking negatively, t

Total Eclipse of the Heart

With the excitement of the Solar Eclipse Experience about to happen, you don't have to have special glasses or a great view to experience the energy this natural occurrence has to offer. When you think about the power the sun alone contains and then place the natural energetic power of the moon together --- BAM! You have the opportunity of exponential growth. We may be forced into sudden changes, guided to step outside our box, and maybe shifted towards ending or beginning new relationships. You may not understand this shift and it may feel uncomfortable because no matter the experience, it's a change. Many of us do not like change however change is good. It's an opportunity to trust. Trust

Yellow and Blue Make Green

and talking to your angels every day creates a loving feeling like no other. This weeks angel messages were a choice of the colors, not numbers or letters. So what were you most attracted to? The color, the angel or something else? Where our mind goes says a lot about our thought process and our mindset. Did you pick a color because it's your favorite and it's the color you always choose? Did you pick a different color and step out of your comfort zone because you are ready for a change? Sometimes we do things without really thinking about it and not realizing there may just be an underlining meaning why we did make that choice. When seeking guidance it typically means we are in searc

Left, Right, Center

It's a game of trusting your intuition. Life is a game and you can be winner or you can well.....I don't want to even to say it because in reality we are all winners! We all have been given the blessing of life. A chance to learn, be the best person we can be and experience all the beauty that is surrounding us. We all have a different idea of what winning is, what success is and what happiness is. You set the bar for your life. What does happiness mean to you? What does success mean to you. Have you asked yourself that question yet? It's really a simply answer. As a whole society makes it more and more difficult to define. The media puts ideas into our heads and we listen. We see

What are you thinking?

Hello and Happy Day! Did you every notice that when I do live FB recordings, posts, emails I usually say Happy (whatever day it is?). Did you know that your thoughts pave the way to a great day or a bad day? It's true, think about it. lol but really. Do you wake up and think, it's going to be a great day? Or are you in pain, see it's raining, stub your toe and think, It's going to be a bad day? While setting the intentions for not only myself but for you as well I take the glass is half full approach and just know it's going to be a great day. I know I can fill my glass with goodness. For myself and for others. No matter what curve balls the world has to throw at me, I know it will still

Discovering your gifts....where can this take you?

When I first discovered my gifts, it changed my life in so many ways. Not only did I find a new career path as a light worker but I also found a new understanding and love for myself. My life changed in many ways. I became more confident in myself. I could be me and it was ok. I found my next step in life, and had a clear vision of my purpose. I could truly appreciated all the blessings that surround me. I began to really understand how important all my life experiences in the past were a part of the foundation to this next chapter in my life. Giving me a new found respect for me and a deeper understanding of my soul. My life hasn't always been an easy road. I fought many personal batt

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