Begin to see the Signs

We can receive messages of love & encouragement from loved ones passed, our spirit guides, guardian angels, Jesus, God or whichever higher power you pray to.. We just have to learn to listen. Shut off all the chaos from our everyday life – relax – believe and really, really listen. When you ask, they may not answer immediately. They may not be ready or you may not be ready. The reason is unknown but they are there – We are never alone. ~Michelle Irene FREE SPECIAL OFFER

Weekly Message for March 19th, 2018

Your angels are always near and ready to give you advice, direction and guidance. However they will never give you direct answers. They are your guides and will give you little clues to what may help you get to where you are going next. Every Sunday I ask you to allow your intuition to speak to your heart on my FaceBook Page Never Alone by Michelle Irene by choosing an angel for a special message to assist you through your week. Even though you may only chose one, if you read all three messages they may speak to you on a higher level and give you greater insight on what you can do to live a life of happiness guided by your angels. Here is this weeks message: ANGEL #1 : take the time to br

What your angels want you to know

When you feel off kilter you simply are not in alignment with your soul purpose. So how do you get back on track? Sometimes the answer is so simple it is staring you in the face. Other times it could be because you are experiencing something very difficult in your life. But the answer to the question is simply this....LOVE. When we work in a place of love instead of fear we can conquer all. The greatest love of all is inside of our soul. Sometimes we may have to dig really deep to find that love for self or for another but it's there. If we are mad, frustrated or inpatient with a child, spouse or friend you are running on a low energy vibration. STOP! Take a moment to reflect: Why are yo

Weekly Soulful Angel Messages

Weekly Soulful Angel Messages for the week ahead! Angel choice left, right or center is how we start. Pick the angel that speaks too your heart! For special messages from your angels above filled with light and love. Angelic messages for heavenly guidance from above ! This weeks special is the angel to the far right for an extra dose of angelic insight! Blessings Always, Michelle Irene LEFT ANGEL MESSAGE REVEAL: Compromise to keep good balance. Good balance is essential to a happy lifestyle. It's not always about being right, or being the best. It's about meeting half way. It could be with another, a group or even with yourself. Be open to listening and being objective before you make

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