Scent of an Angel

Have you ever noticed an aroma of sorts that reminds you immediately of someone you knew or a familiar odor that makes you stop and think "why is that so familiar?" The scent of a cigarette or cigar, chicken noodle soup, Bengay, perfume, bacon and eggs, paint. It could be anything that has significant meaning to you and brings you back to a moment with a loved one passed. Say hello to who you think may be visiting and you'll be surprised. For me, usually as soon as I identify them they leave. They just stopped in to say "Hi" and want you to know they're with you. Sometimes it's a little bit more. I remember waking one morning to the aroma of freshly made bacon and eggs, assuming Todd, my hus

An Angel in my Room

An Angel Story from my book 'Never Alone by MIchelle Irene' It was like any other evening, the kids were in bed, sound asleep in the bedroom next to ours. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened that day or evening. My husband, Todd and I went to bed like any other night. I was awakened in the middle of the night when I felt as if someone was watching us. I opened my eyes to look in the doorway thinking it would be my son, Derek, who had this habit of waking in the night and coming to our room and stopping in our doorway without saying a word, which always scared the bejeebers (very professional word) out of me. I did not see him there. I continued to look over to Todd's side of the bed bec


There is something so beautiful and pure about a dove. Free flowing in the air, gliding through life with ease. When you fly high you have a beautiful view. Live in the highest vibration with your Angel's. With love in your heart, gratitude for ALL your blessings compassion and understanding without judgment. You will have the world in the palm of your hands.

Possibilities with Your Angels

I just got off the phone with a client who has recently opened the door to the possibilities of what can happen when you allow your angels into your life. About six months ago she came to me with the question "How does this all work?" She had watched me give advice to many who would enter my gift shop. This alone allowed her to just open her ear to curiosity, and no it did not kill the cat. Curiosity is the wonder of things we may not understand or want to know more about. It's a good thing. It's the universe saying 'hey you, listen here'. I have learned through the years when the universe says 'hey you' you listen! I began coaching her privately on how to begin to see the signs your ange

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