Find Your Happy

While on a recent road trip to Toronto, Ontario for the Hay House Writer's Workshop, my husband and I were in a local coffee shop where we heard the worker's singing. Not only were they singing a Britney Spears song which capture my attention but they were giggling and having a grand ole' time. They apologized for their version of the song and continued to giggle while telling us the radio system had broken down. I looked at my husband and said "They found their happy!" They decided to fill their day with song their way! Making the best of the situation they chose a fun, uplifting positive way to make their day at work FUN! They could have chosen the other route and complained to no end t

Angel Of Light

Trust me. There are so many angels out there that are waiting to connect with you. The signs are in abundance. You just have to be open minded. But please do NOT become obsessive about it. Everything is not going to be a sign. You will know when it is. Don't question it, trust your intuition and your knowing. The signs are there waiting for you to discover. The more you believe, the more you will see. The greater the signs will begin to appear. The messages may not make sense at first. Trust! You may not recognize these experiences right away as a divine connection. Just remember that your angels give you experiences and moments that help shape you. They guide you to become the best person y

It's a Funny

When I was younger my family called the comic strip section 'The Funnies' this is why this story is titled as such. This beautiful angel reminder story is from my book 'Never Alone' as told by Sarah D. My husband's grandfather passed away years before we met. His grandmother, Evelyn, was one of the sweetest, most loving grandmothers, and our family was blessed to have her in our lives for as long as we did. She passed away at the age of 98 on March 25, 2014. The following Thanksgiving my husband's mother brought some of grandma's items to our house that she thought we might like to keep. One of these items was a coffee mug that had belonged to my husband's grandpa and that his grandma had

Living the Dream

As my daughter and I arrive in Barcelona, Spain last week, we could feel the energy of a greater force guiding us to our destination. It didn't happen by accident mind you. It happened because of the state of being in which she is now living. Growing up my daughter Taylor may have appeared as if she had it all. Appearances aren't everything. They are only an illusion of what you perceive it to be. Some may have seen her lifestyle as lucky, her father and I see it as a blessing. We worked hard and nothing was ever handed to us. My husband Todd and I did not graduate from college for numerous amounts of reasons. Back in the day we had to 'figure out life' on our own. It just wasn't reall

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