Soulful Angel Messages

Every Sunday on my FB Page Never Alone by Michelle Irene I post three angels. I ask for you to trust the guidance of your angels and your intuition to post the angel that speaks to you most. Then confirm your decision by posting it. This is the message you most need to hear for your lesson in the upcoming week. Focusing on what your angels are revealing to you will assist in your spiritual growth and allow you to move through the jungle of life while skipping down your guided path. My intention is to allow you to see a ray of hope, to uplift you to a new awareness and allow spirit to shine through you! You are a light! Let it shine bright! Love, light and many miracles, Michelle Messages fo


I wanted to share this beautiful piece written by a dear friend who attends my angel classes on a consistent basis. It has been an honor and a pleasure to watch her blossom into into her true being. To begin to see her self and her truths. Face her fears and shine her light. Cin D has an amazing sense of humor and typically installs that in her writing. Follow more of Cin D's writing at this link 'The World According to Cin D', She is truly upifitng and inspirational! <3 Tonight I met a friend after she got out of work to catch up on the past few weeks. Tonight I laughed harder and longer than I have in so long and it felt Exhilarating! Tonight I went to Angel class and met with my sp

Soulful Angel Messages

Every Sunday as many of you already know I love to create a post on my FB page Never Alone by Michelle Irene that entices you to tap into your own intuition to receive a special message for the week ahead. Something your heart may be longing for, something your soul may be searching for or just a quick pick me up/reminder of who you are and how far you have come. Whatever the message, you chose a certain angel because you felt a connection to it and your angels guided you to your choice --if you trusted it. Learning to trust your initial instinct is one of the many steps in learning how to better connect with source. aka spirit, angels, guides, God, universe, whom ever your higher power is.

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