I Just wanted to say....

Just wanted to say.... that I think you are totally amazing. You may not hear it often enough from the ones you want  to hear it from mos

Angel’s Love

You can feel light and beautiful everyday If you let your angels carry Your worries, fears, and tears away Call upon them in time of need To lift the load and feel free Free to laugh and free to love To fill you to your heart's content To fully live life the way it’s meant Love your life to fully live free Live your life fully to truly love is how it is intended to be The Official Pre-Launch of my new book Expected Delivery Oct. 2018 Order Today and Receive a FREE GIFT with your purchase! click here

3 Action Steps towards Happiness

As we move forward into the summer months this is such a beautiful time to really reconnect with you! A time to begin to look inward to reflect, relax and renew your relationship with you. These three actions will give you jump start as you glide through the summer months ahead. As you practice these lessons all month long they will become a part of your being as you move into August with a whole new perspective on life. 1. Take time this month everyday to sit outside and breathe in the fresh air. Big deep breathes in through your nose and out through your mouth. Each time you do this imagine nothing but love and light as the air enters with each inhale circulating right to your center, y

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