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Do you ever wonder why such things as inspirational messages, horoscopes, church sermons and motivational speakers messages seem to relate to so many at one time? You could be watching something on Facebook or YouTube and think to yourself "that's exactly what I need to hear!" We are all connected. YES, we are one! I'm sure you have heard the terminology we are one and when we feel connected to others we are in alignment with the beauty of the universal energy. When we separate from this energy and try to take control of the reins well this is when we begin to feel off balance and worse. When we disconnect ourselves from the universal energy ​​of love we allow the darkness to enter. The dar

Opening the Door

I recently posted on my Michelle Irene Facebook page the following picture with three doors. If it caught your eye and you chose one of the three there is a reason for this choice. There was a reason you saw the post and a reason you picked one. It's quite simple, you are ready for a spiritual awakening! You can pick one now because you were brought here for a reason. Feel free to read all three because you may broaden your horizons even more. Whether we realize it or not 'We Are Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience' (Pierre Teilhard de ChardinRead) When you hear the words you are ready for an awakening it basically means that through the years you have been asleep. As we grow and lea

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