Three steps to creating a better outcome

Do you ever wonder why great things happen to certain people and the not so great things continue to happen to others? Take these three steps to begin to create something amazing in your life. The blessings will begin to flow and you will begin to grow. 1. Your thoughts become real. How? Well we are all energy and everything we say, think or do is energy. We create things through the energy of our thoughts. If we are thinking, nobody likes me, I don't fit in, I feel alone, etc. You are creating that energy. So now the universal law of attraction steps into play. Like attracts like. You are attracting the things you are thinking. Too much like science class? Yea for me too. See keep it simple

4 Steps to Begin Connecting with your loved ones in Heaven

This is the most common question I get asked: How do you start? *Just simply begin by talking to them. I know many that talk to their loved ones immediately after their death. As a matter of fact, I recall my mom telling me she was yelling at my father for leaving her the first few days after he had passed. I yelled to the universe on my way home from the hospital the morning he passed. I knew it was healthy for both of us. It was part of our grieving process. Go ahead and talk to them, yell at them, tell them how you feel! It’s all good and it can be part of your healing process. *Ask them questions -- ask them for signs. Not in a desperate way but in a truthful heartfelt way. Understanding

Faith in Connecting

Faith is complete trust. Believing something without necessarily being able to see it. You have to have faith in your angels that they will come around when the time is right. Your angels are always near and will step in if needed. Why not invite them to work with you every day? Asking them for guidance, strength, courage, or whatever it is you are needing is your right. Trusting in them to carry you through. You may be mad at God for taking your loved one. You may be unhappy in your current situation which may bring about you questioning your faith. Believe it or not, this is very normal. Rest assured, you are not alone. But understanding and have faith that your higher power, whatever you

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