I'm a Spirit Junkie, are you?

What? What is a spirit junkie you may ask? It is Halloween after all and what better time to chat about spirit than on Halloween? Is it a super cool costume? A mask that we all wear? No, no, no!!! It is the exact opposite. It is the time when we decide to remove the mask we have been wearing. When you are tired of being something you are not. When you are tired of pretending to be someone you think the world wants to see. When you begin to question your way of living and realize it is time for a radical change in your life. You feel as if there is something more or question what is next. You may feel as if you are about to hit rock bottom. You may not feel as if you are living as your whole

#LLM What does it mean?

If you have noticed in the recent months I always like to sign my letters, blogs, emails, and social posts with a hashtag capital L L M! What does this mean? It is a shortened version for ‘Love~Light and Miracles’. Living your life with these three words in your day can radically shift the energy into something of an amazing magnitude! One way to remind yourself of this statement is to envision an infinite sign. When you see the symbol each inner circle represents the infinite flow of love and the other represents the abundance of light. Allowing a never ending connection with self and the universal energy. This allows us to align our thoughts in a positive loving way. When our thoughts

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