Journal along with your Soulful Messages

Sounds like a song right? Well, it very well could be music to your ears. This week is shining bright with messages full of love and light. The energy frequency is buzzing with the holidays already in flight. I'll do my best to get you moving in the right direction overnight. It's really important to take some time for yourself and journal your thoughts. Writing them down helps in so many ways. It allows you to see what it is your thinking. Almost like a different perspective. It allows you to see your struggles and more importantly see your strengths. Allowing you for a better understanding of where you have been and where you are going. You may begin to see patterns taking place that ca

Soulful Sunday Angel Message Reveal 11/19/18

Every Sunday join me on Facebook to choose your angel from a post for a special message to fill your soul with goodness and love. Here are the 3 cards picked for you this week! Card Choice #1 How fitting with the Thanksgiving holiday approaching that this is the first card that came forward. Here is the beauty in the power of gratitude, when you truly feel the blessings of all that is in your life, and I mean EVERYTHING! Even the tough times, ​​you raise your energy vibration. When we are living in a heighten level of being we are more aware of our surroundings and see life from a whole other perspective. A heightened perspective. This doesn't make us better than anyone else but it does all

5 Quick Tips for Staying in Alignment

Wouldn't it be nice to keep the 'happy' in the Happy Holiday's? With the holiday's sneaking up on us, many of us may be feeling a bit anxious. For many reasons, a lot to do, gathering with family, being alone for the first time, being together for the first, new babies, new family members and definitely not enough time in the day to really do it all. Being in a spiritual practice has many benefits to your happiness than you may realize. It is important to continue with your practice whatever it may be. It is called a practice for a reason. Staying in a routine allows for you to stay focused and aligned. When you are doing this, you feel great! Things seem to go your way more often then not.

Reconnecting with a lost love

When January roles around we all begin to think of ways to start a new, set new goals, be a better person, take care of our health, etc. We want to start the year off on the right foot and make it the best one ever. From a spiritual stand point I tend to also think of options on how to better connect. Better connect with myself, my husband and family, with co-workers and social media followers as well as greater relationship with nature. Connecting with nature allows you to be more grounded with the universe which allows for enhancing an inner peace. Your inner peace. Bringing in a type of joy and zest for life which was lost some where between child hood and adult hood. This connecti

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