Christmas Miracles

December has been declared the month of miracles for centuries. This December started off like so many from the past twelve years. At 9:08 am, I remember my dad and the moment I saw him take his last breath. I celebrate his life and the miracle that occurred just moments prior to his passing. As I parked my car to make my daily visit to the hospital it was just shy of nine am. I felt this need to rush. I listened and really began to run a mad dash to the door and up two flights of stairs. I felt I didn't have time to wait for the elevator and I was right. My mother was sitting next to my father's bed, holding his hand which they had always done. It has been one of my favorite memories of t

5 Ways to a Happier Holiday

WRITTEN BY BRITTANY BOLLARD ON NOVEMBER 20, 2018. It happens every year. We stress. We buy. We cry. We rush. We celebrate. And then before we know it we are sneaking our tree out to the trash when the sun goes down so our neighbors don’t notice we missed tree pick up…twice. You may be finding pine needles for weeks, but the magic is long lost in the chaos of the season. Set your intentions for the next month and hold space for what is important. Here are a few ways to hold on to your sanity this holiday season: PRACTICE GRATITUDE. Maybe there’s a reason Thanksgiving comes first!! Take a moment and write down 25 things you are grateful for, keep the list in your phone and read it regularly. K

Miracle Mindset

Every Sunday I love to post a picture with three Angel's on Facebook, than ask you to choose your favorite. Trusting that the choice you make is the guidance most needed for you that week. Your Angel's, spirit, the universe or God which ever higher power it is that you believe in has many ways of bringing messages to you. This is one of those ways. The message usually resonates with you now or later on during the week. We need consistent reminders to guide us to remain in alignment for our highest good. Sometimes it may not be what we want to hear but it always will be a message for greater understandings. Did you pick an angel from my Facebook page Michelle Irene? If not that's OK. Make a

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