10 Ways to Build Your Faith

Faith is a growing awareness. "The full realization of our spiritual growth ultimately rests upon the development of our faith." Edgar Cayce You can not be taught how to have faith it is something you are simply aware of. It is something that you grow and nourish within yourself. This knowing goes way beyond trust and surpasses even your belief. To build your faith, to better experience and understand the unforeseen, a spiritual based practiced is key. A full experience of faith without a consistent practice is nearly impossible. But with faith, through faith, all things are possible. When we are in complete alignment with our soul being and willing to surrender to the idea of the higher po

I did the Ugly Cry

Social Media Posts and blogs are all about the 'happy" times. But I'm going to be extremely vulnerable here for a moment. Last week I made a very important phone call. The anxiety that led up to that call was horrible. The release at the end of the call well that's where the ugly cry took place. Not so much from the call but the pent up thought's, feelings, excuses and stories I had been telling my self for years. I forced my hand at stepping outside of my comfort zone. By doing something I knew I had to do. It was time. Time to face reality, time to face the truth, time to get past this hold that has clutched my soul for many years. As I began my spiritual lifestyle transformation many ye

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