10 Signs an Angel is Near

How do you know when an angel has blessed you with their presence? Great question! That’s where the terminology spirit impression comes in. What exactly is a spirit impression? The dictionary from google docs says that an impression is an idea, feeling, or opinion about something or someone, especially one formed ‘without conscious thought’ or on the basis of little evidence. When you place spirit in front of the word impression the meaning becomes related to as such. We use these impressions to identify the shift of energy in your surrounding vicinity. Letting you know an angel is near. The following are some examples of what a spirit visit impression could be but is not limited too. a pers

7 Days to Discovering and Stepping into your Purpose

Then the impostor syndrome speaks "who are you to think this can work? Who are you to think you can make a difference? What makes you so special?"Has this happened to you? I am sure there is a time in your life that this has happened if you're being totally honest. For most of us, this happens several times a day. There is a way to begin resetting the way you think. This step alone can change your life dramatically. It can bring you on a ride of enjoyment, fun, laughter, and love. Even if you think you are not sure what your purpose is but you know there is something more. That is the beginning of discovery. The question. Below are seven ways to begin to discover and step into your purpose.

What Makes you Blush?

It was about a month ago when I was making a major transition in my life. I had decided to give up the retail store front that I had nourished for five years. I felt it was time to focus more on this work that I am doing right here on this website, through social media, my writing, my courses and workshops. It is my calling. It was planted deep within my soul many moons ago without even knowing. We all have been given a seed or many seeds for that matter to nourish. To allow us to grow to a new level of living. To live in a light that shines bright for all to see. I always had this feeling that I could change the world. Big shoes to fill I know. I am one to always dream big. 'Go big or go ho

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