4 Ways to a Better Day

I recently finished coaching my first 'May Cause Miracles' Course. It was a huge commitment for all involved! 42 days straight of recording new messages, reflections, affirmations, meditations, live coaching calls! Once the course was over, I felt really sad. It was such a joy to do this work every day. It kept me grounded and it kept me committed. I was being held accountable for doing the work because I didn't want to let my clients down. I'm always great about commitment when it is about helping others but when it comes to myself, well, I have a tendency to let myself down. That's why this year 2019 (#thisismyyear) is so important to me. It is about holding myself accountable for ME! Woul

4 Ways to a Better YOU

Your angel spirit team is with you whether you call upon them or not. But if you could communicate with them and create a better relationship would you? Think of all the amazing little miracles you are missing out on experiencing. Imagine the smiles, happiness and love that would be in abundance of great proportions if only you could communicate better. They can change your mood in an instant and give you comfort when needed most. They can guide you in directions you never dreamed possible. So why are you not connecting more often then you already do? What is holding you back? Why wouldn't you want to live the BEST LIFE possible? Learning to connect with my angels on a different level h

Spirit Guides and The Power of 3

How do you know? How do you know someone is with you? How do you know you're not alone? How do you know there is a greater world out there besides the one we are living here on Earth? What are the signs, what should you look for? We all have the ability to hear, feel, or see our angels. We are born with this gift. It's a part of our being. Unfortunately somewhere along the line we have been instructed to shut it down… it's not real, it's just your imagination, people will think you're crazy and so on. That's what we are taught and eventually we lose the ability of our "Sixth Sense" so-to-speak. However, like any other muscle in our body (not that it's a muscle, don't mistake what I'm saying)

Signs your angels are near come in all shapes and sizes

From Angel's Love by Michelle Irene One morning in Florida (yes I travel to Florida often. This is where I have many of my most memorable connection experiences. This is because I am away from the chaos of daily life and have the opportunity to sit in stillness and peace.) I was doing a guided meditation from a course I was taking (Surprise! Lol I am constantly embracing new ideas and concepts to further my learning and teachings). In this meditation, we were working on connecting with spirit. The class teacher said “three spirits are coming towards you” during the recording. And the meditation continued. It is not what happened during the meditation (although it was a really good one!) It i

Test Your Ability to Connect with your Angel's

From Angel's Love by Michelle Irene As you can see from the previous post 10 Signs Your Angels are Near there are many unique properties to experiencing the presence of spirit. It is important to understand the difference because each visit is uniquely different. No two experiences are exactly the same which is one of the reasons that makes it so difficult to detect and teach. I asked you last week to see what your impression was when I asked you what happens when I tell you to envision a lemon? Did your mouth water? Did you see an actual lemon? Did you see the color yellow? Could you smell it? If you need to put a label on the way you receive an impression then let me introduce you to t

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