4 Steps to Creating A New Lifestyle

What is your lifestyle? If you had to give an account of how it looks in what way would you describe how you live each day? How do you discover it? Think about that for a minute before you move on. Sit someplace quiet and close your eyes and ask yourself what is my lifestyle? Life has a funny way of throwing us curve balls and so we seek answers and guidance. The guidance you are searching for comes from your own inner wisdom. To discover a new way of living you first must think about the feeling. How is it you want to feel? Think about that for a minute before you move on. Sit someplace quiet and close your eyes and ask yourself how is it I want to feel? Tapping into your inner guide is abo

I'm a Spirit Junkie, are you?

The original date of this post was October of last year. After I allowed the energy of this miraculous event to fully sink in. I just felt the need to share again. My life is forever changed because of this one day! Enjoy. What? What is a spirit junkie you may ask? It is Halloween after all and what better time to chat about spirit than on Halloween? Is it a super cool costume? A mask that we all wear? No, no, no!!! It is the exact opposite. It is the time when we decide to remove the mask we have been wearing. When you are tired of being something you are not. When you are tired of pretending to be someone you think the world wants to see. When you begin to question your way of living and

3 Action Steps towards Happiness

As we move forward into the summer months this is such a beautiful time to really reconnect with you! A time to begin to look inward to reflect, relax and renew your relationship with you. These three actions will give you a jump start as you glide through the summer months ahead. As you practice these lessons all month long they will become a part of your being as you move into July and August with a whole new perspective on life. 1. Take time this month everyday to sit outside and breathe in the fresh air. Big deep breathes in through your nose and out through your mouth. Each time you do this imagine nothing but love and light as the air enters with each inhale circulating right to you

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