Jeter's Angelic Adventure

Angels Love Lunch Date: Jeter's Angelic Adventure Step into the books written by Michelle of angelic stories. Showing you how we connect with the love of our angels more often then we may realize. Take a journey as we bring the stories from the books alive! Connect with your angel's love to see how we are being guided. We all have spirit guides and guardian angels. Tune in if only for a moment to find peace and comfort. Let me know what you think. Enjoy 😇 Visit the Michelle Irene Book Store

A Life Built on Love

Our children surprised us with a vow renewal on the beach during our recent family vacation. Professing our love for one another was one of the most magical moments of my life. To look back at our wedding day and quickly review all that we have endured and created. To be surrounded by a family of love during this special moment was beyond amazing. We are a family built on the foundation of love, understanding, encouragement, and support. We do not judge, compare, criticize or compete (ok maybe a little especially when it comes to sports). Let's be clear it hasn't always been an easy road. We have made sacrifices and made mistakes. Through much laughter and tears, we have created a greater bo

One Super Easy Step to begin a Spiritual Practice

Are you a dabbler? Sometimes you meditate? Some times you repeat your mantras? You pray when only in a need? Tomorrow I'll begin. I don't have time right now. Yea you know what I'm talking about. I used to do the same thing. And quite honestly, I still have the tendency to use the same excuses from time to time. "Creating a spiritual practice doesn't have to be difficult. It just has to be consistent." You say you want to make the changes. You say you want to live happier. You say you want more of ...........! TRY THIS: What is it you want more of? Let me know! Feel it, think it and Write it. Give it more energetic power by claiming it to the world! This is one of the easiest ways to check i

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