Boomerang Effect

When you send true intentions of love into the world the love will boomerang back to you tenfold. This is the universal law of attraction and vibration. When you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation before you react....pause and ask yourself: ~What is the root cause of what I am feeling? ~Where does this stem from? ~Am I really upset with the current situation? ~Where is my fear and anxiety truly coming from? Change your anger, sadness, stressed out thought into one filled with love for all involved. The more you begin to work from a love base you'll leap into a life of happiness and joy! How can I look at this situation differently? How can I appreciate what I have, not what has been

5 Steps for a Quicker Comeback from the Blues

I was super busy this past month with hosting three events and much traveling all while working with one on one clients. Then I hit the brick wall. You know the one. Down for the count from exhaustion and the winter blues. Not the healthiest of conditions for remaining a blissful beacon of light. Yea, it hits me every year no matter how far I travel for sunshine. No matter how much meditation and journaling I do it still happens. The good news is because of my spiritual practice as I continue to stay present and do the work, the seasonal depression doesn't hit me as hard as it did in the past. With my daily routine which involves self-care and self-love, I have learned to allow the feelings

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