I Called BS on my Spiritual Practice (part three of three)

From my past experiences, this could have led me into a deep depression. It wasn’t depression at all. I realize now that many of the other experiences I had in the past thinking they were bouts of depression were not. I simply didn’t have a word with which to label as such. I take depression and anxiety very seriously. I understand how debilitating it can be.  I will admit some experiences were bouts of depression so please do not take this lightly. It still can be a very difficult event and seeking professional help if needed is not a weakness but a strength. Looking back with the knowledge and the understandings I have gathered through the years I can now see these episodes, these experien

I Called BS on my Spiritual Practice (part two of three)

The cloud of overwhelm. And there it is. Mic drop- drum roll or however you want to present it. Juggling is great for the circus but not in real life. If you juggle for too long eventually your arms and hands get tired. We know this. The ball will drop. The ball did drop. The fear of doubt came in. The I’m not worthy virus got a hold of me as it followed with who do you think you are to do this sort of work? The imposter syndrome. Ughhh. Fear had made another showing as it stepped onto center stage. You’re full of shit I silently tell myself and then I say it out loud.  I call bullshit on all aspects of the spiritual world. This is bullshit!  I was so mad! Higher power? BS. Inner Guidance? B

I called BS on my Spiritual Practice (A three-part series)

And it’s not the first time and probably won’t be the last. It was a Saturday morning when I first woke that I received this message from my angels as I often do through a symbol. It was a cloud with the word ‘overwhelm’ inside. The cloud was full and fluffy with a clear blue sky in the background. I thought ‘wow, what a great idea for my social media post this morning’. The world is currently revolving in a cloud of overwhelm. Through all of the worldwide current events including extreme isolations never experienced before. We all are trying to figure it out. To keep families afloat, our businesses going,  and our health in a good state.  Including our state of mind. I thanked my angels for

Weekly Soulful Message 10-26-20

The protection you receive on a daily basis typically goes undetected. It's the little ways they show you they are near. Through your thoughts and intentions, they may appear but it is truly in your laughter, your tears, your wins, your losses as the connection grows more dear. Take notice of these moments and celebrate your wins. It is with this joy that you will soar and glide in flight on the wings of your angel's light.

Sunday Soulful Messages 10-11-20

"Acceptance will assist the resistance to rise for a greater flow of loving energy." As a kid, you probably closed your eyes ...

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