unlock the healing powers of light

What if you could tune into the healing power of spiritual light energy?

Lifting the veil making room for newness.


Experience and Guidance.


Open your heart and mind to allow the highest truth and compassion to come forward. 

Root down as you connect with mother earth for strength in your foundation. Begin preparation to see what is directly in front of you. 

Release the illusion of reality into something far greater than you can possibly imagine. 

Lift the Veil as you begin to fly to a new awareness of love filled light. 

souls eye.png
From the 'back to me' meditation album
click here for a 30 second sample

This guidance is awaiting your invitation. 

Call it in with this meditation that was channeled with my angel's light and love. 

Invite the divine light into your life. 

Lift the veil for more clarity than ever before. 

Now is your time. Drop back into your body and shine brighter than ever before. You are an illumination of light.


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From the 'back to me' meditation album